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Coronavirus Notice

We will be returning to holding classes on the mat on Monday, May 18, 2020 for those who feel comfortable to do so.  We will also be transmitting these classes via Zoom so that students who are not comfortable being in the academy yet can still train with us.

For those who will be training on the mat social distancing is a must! We have marked off our training floor with dots that are 6 feet apart.  For the time being, the gear that each student is

required to bring with them is: bag gloves (does not apply to Tiger Cubs), hand-held targets, and mat shoes or mat socks.  There will be no sharing of targets or bag gloves, so each student must bring their own to class. Students may attend in-academy classes twice per week and can Zoom a third class if they choose to do so.

Each class will be approximately 40 minutes in length (30 minutes for Tiger Cubs) to allow our staff to properly sanitize the mats, equipment, bathrooms, and lobby area between each class group.

All persons entering the academy must leave their shoes outside the door against the front wall. In the event of rain, please leave shoes under the overhang on the side of the building (applies to Bridge City students only).

Each person entering the building will have their temperature taken. Any person registering 100.0 or greater will not be allowed to enter the building.  Once it is determined that a student’s temperature is below 100.0 degrees, they will then put on their mat shoes or socks and proceed to the hand sanitizer station, and from there they may sign in on the tablet.  They will then move right onto the mat to a designated dot.

After class, they will exit and use the hand sanitizer station at the back of the building prior to exiting the building (applies to Bridge City students only).

Parents, please sanitize their uniforms, bag gloves, target, mat shoes, and socks, both before and after each class.  

We have a small amount of lobby space that makes social distancing more difficult, so parents are asked to wait outside or in their cars.  Tiger Cubs may have one adult with them in the building.

Anyone exhibiting sneezing or coughing should not enter the building. If it is due to allergies, a doctor’s note stating such is required, and a mask must be worn.

We are looking forward to seeing you in on the mat. We thank you for your support and cooperation during this transition.