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1955 Miller Dr
Bridge City, Texas 77611 | (409) 920-1462

Kids Martial Arts

Our martial arts programs for kids ages 4 to 10 years old

kids martial artsKids Martial Arts in Bridge City TX

We offer two kids martial arts programs – the Tiger Cubs Program and the Juniors Program. Your child will be enrolled into one of these programs based on age. These programs help kids build a strong foundation in martial arts, self-defense, life skills, academic values, and more.

Tiger Cubs (ages 4 and 5 year olds)
Our Tiger Cubs program is our child development program that is specifically designed for children 4 and 6 years of age. Children within this age group benefit from our Tiger Rock taekwondo curriculum which develops both sides of the body with symmetrical movements. When learning takes place in this balanced manner, both hemispheres of the brain are encouraged to develop simultaneously. Our Cubs learn to focus their attention, increase their confidence, and improve their coordination!

Juniors (ages 6 to 10 years old)
Our Junior Tiger-Rock taekwondo program offers daily lessons starting somewhere around the age of 5 to 6. These lessons develop self-esteem and confidence. Teach discipline and self-control. Help channel energy, develop lifelong self defense skills, and are fun and encourage positive ethic and academic values. Students are continually challenged to achieve new levels of mastery both physically and emotionally. Our environment, though demanding, is one of achievement through individual growth. By focusing and working hard, our students realize that they can be highly successful in taekwondo and in life.

Our Tiger-Cubs program is a perfect compliment to early education. The Juniors program is a wonderful after-school activity.

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We offer wonderful rewards

Tiger Rock students will take part in rewarding and powerful lessons that will boost confidence, discipline, physical fitness, and life skills.

We offer a great experience

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training is a wonderful experience for kids. They will make new friends, improve social skills, and most importantly, have lots, and lots of fun.

We offer a great environment

Our world-class Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Instruction team ensures your child will be training in a safe, fun, and structured environment. We strive to make sure that we make a positive and encouraging impact on your child’s life.

Your journey begins with the first step: choosing Tiger-Rock

Start at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts today by enrolling in our Introductory Course. This special beginners’ course includes:

  • Three official martial arts lessons
  • A complimentary official training uniform
  • Official performance evaluation