Training at Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City Can Reduce Workplace Stress

Stress is something most of face in our workplace or even at home for stay-at-home moms’ or dads’.  Daily stress can bring even the strongest person to their knees both physically and mentally.  Doctors believe that stress can cause a multitude of ailments from more frequent colds to aches and pains in your shoulders, back and legs, depression and even digestive issues.  Stress can even compromise your immune system.  So how do we fight the negative effects of daily workplace stressors?  Physical activity is shown to relieve it. But Martial Arts training is said to be one of the most effective types of physical activity to reduce or relieve workplace stress.

At Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City, we pride ourselves on offering classes that are high energy, providing adults with adequate physical activity to help them alleviate stress.  We do this through kicking and punching power bags and targets, technique focused drills and forms, and self defense practice. Whether we are kicking, punching striking or rolling everything we do can help the body recover from the negative effects of workplace stress.

The study of TaeKwonDo and Ju Jitsu at Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City allows the brain to focus on the tasks at hand as adult students practice techniques and focus on forms practice.  Taking their mind off those daily stresses and focusing their mind on the here and now of the lesson.  Whether you were faced with a bad day with an angry boss or a teething baby, Martial Arts training at Tiger Rock in Bridge City can help you recover your calm more quickly.  Training regularly can produce a healthy ‘addiction’ to the martial arts at Tiger Rock Bridge City as your body produces endorphins as you enjoy class leaving you with a calm and euphoric feeling by classes end.

When we are stressed it changes the way nutrients are absorbed by our body.  It also changes the way nutrients are eliminated by our body creating a nutritional deficit.  So, as we reduce stress and provide physical activity for our bodies, most adults also find themselves becoming more mindful of how they fueling their bodies.  Creating healthier eating habits can provide nutrients that the body might otherwise have been missing.  At Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City, we guide our students on proper nutrition so they can fuel their bodies in order to sustain the level of activity that they are currently enjoying.  

Workplace stress does have a negative effect on our daily lives but martial arts training at Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City can help reduce your stress levels, challenge you to increase your physical activity level and help you find the right nutritional balance for your body to become a happier, healthier, more productive you.