Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City’s Steps to Success for Your Pre-K or Kindergartener

Beginner Training Steps

Young children ages four through 6 years old can benefit greatly from training at Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City.  Through our Successful 7 program we can

assist your youngster in learning those essential skills that will help them navigate the social world of both Pre-K and Kindergarten.

The first step to creating a great new student is to teach them how to listen properly. If they can effectively listen to the teacher they will be able to follow the instructions with great ease. Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City teaches our students valuable listening techniques that will stick with them and help them create good habits for the future.

Most children pre-K and Kindergarten age, like to push the boundaries and see what they can get away with whether at home or at school, which is why learning to Obey their parents, teachers and instructors is such a vital part of training our 4-6 year olds. The ability to obey or follow the rules at home or in the classroom is necessary to live in harmony with others.  We, at Tiger Rock, focus on rewarding positive behavior to bring about positive change in our students’ behavior.  We also set boundaries and make sure we enforce the behavior boundaries that are set.

The next step in creating great students is teaching them how to learn in various environments.  Since every child learns differently, some being auditory learners; those that learn through hearing the information, others being visual learners; those who learn from watching something being done, and the remainder being active learners; those who learn from physically doing the activity.  We help children learn which style of learning works best for them by applying all three as we train on the mat.  When a parent is aware of what style of learning best suits their child, they can help them learn more effectively and pass that information on to the school.

Intermediate Training Steps

Sharing is an important step in a child becoming socialized and fitting in school settings.  Children with siblings seem are more likely than only children to learn sharing early on at home.  Although sibling rivalry can cause some children to balk at sharing and take a more “mine, mine, mine” attitude, the training at Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City uses partner learning and sharing a single item between students to bring home this important concept. The ability to share alleviates conflicts between students in school and produces a more productive day for all concerned.

Going hand in hand with sharing is patience.  It is no secret that patience is hard won with children of this age group. Standing in line quietly or having the ability to wait their turn is certainly a struggle for most.  Children are very ‘NOW’ centric. They feel that everything they want is urgent and must be had right away.   To show patience is a skill that takes time to develop and we, at Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City, begin slowly through out the course of their training working on this life skill.  It is exciting to see a child who couldn’t wait in line for even a few seconds at the beginning of their training show patience several months down the road.  What preschool or kindergarten teacher wouldn’t love their students to be able to exhibit patience during the school day.

Advanced Training Steps

As our students progress through the beginner and intermediate steps, we also address the children’s attitudes toward themselves, towards others, and towards learning. How believing in themselves can help them achieve success in whatever they do; whether it be martial arts training, Pre-K or Kindergarten, riding their bicycle, reading a book, playing the piano or whatever interests them.  This helps them to go to school with a can-do attitude.  As we all know, when you believe you can do something it becomes that much easier to achieve success in any endeavor.  We address this through positive sayings, and positive re-enforcement of good behavior.  

Courageous behavior in young children is not limited to doing just what scares us ,but being able to try new things, meet new people and welcome new experiences.  Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City helps children Ages 4-6 become courageous through the Belt Exam process, where students have to get up in front of their instructors, family and the families of their peers and perform the techniques and phrases they have worked on during an eight week period.  Another avenue Tiger Rock students have to help them become courageous in life is competing in tournaments.  Our “Tiger Cub” competitions bring out the best in our younger students by availing them of the opportunity to learn about competition is a safe and fun setting.  A student that is not afraid to perform at a tournament would be much more likely to avidly participate in Pre-K or Kindergarten show and tell or Christmas program without being afraid or nervous.

Success in Pre-K and Kindergarten is an important step in children’s academic careers, and with the help of Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City, your child can make an even smoother transition to the classroom setting.  You can find additional information on our website: trmabridgecity.com.