Back to School Success with Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City

It’s just about time for your child to enter or re-enter the school force.  While most parents are glad to have a break from the summer fun (you know how exhausting summer can be!); they are also dreading the amount of homework and study time that goes along with a new academic year.

Some of the time, the amount of homework depends on the in-class work habits of the student.  A lack in focus in the classroom can hinder children from completing their work in class and therefore, precipitates bringing it home to complete it.  With the preponderance of homework already assigned the additional home study becomes a daunting proposition.

Training in Martial Arts at Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City can help students gain more focus that, in time, will result in better in-class study habits and better home study habits.   “We guide our students to stay in the present moment as they train, allowing them to better focus on the task at hand.  With practice and repetition these skills spill over to school and home life,” states Elyse Thibodeaux, Owner and Success Coach at Tiger Rock in Bridge City. 

Back to School success starts with a plan; Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City can help your child develop the skills necessary to create their plan, and put it into action by instructing them in life skills that will help them develop the basic foundation to commit to their academic journey and achieve success by persevering

through subjects that are challenging without giving up.

Achievement through Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City

Tiger Rock Martial Arts students are unafraid of competition.  Competition is a part of their training.  Through competition in the classroom and at tournaments, students who train in Tiger Rock Martial Arts become able to challenge themselves and their own limitations, they learn that life is competitive and they strive to shine at every opportunity.  Our members also learn that they need to set goals, try to achieve them and then evaluate their actions as it relates to their goals.

This type of training gives them a leg up in school as they strive to achieve the highest grades. When they don’t reach a particular goal they are able to look at where they are and develop a plan to achieve the goal the next time around.  For our students, not meeting a goal is not failure but a steppingstone to future successes.  Like the old adage goes ‘It matters not how many times we fall, only how many times we get up again.’

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